About Us

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About Our Company

What if you could find a log home company that could help you find what you needed to get your custom home designed and built – everything from floor plans to construction?

A log home company that treated it’s clients all the same way – with professionalism and respect for your limited time and hard-earned money?

If you are looking for a log home company like that then you have come to the right place.

Natural Timber Log Homes specializes in helping people realize their dreams of creating a beautiful and comfortable log home that they have always wanted.

While almost everyone wants a “dream” home, few people are committed enough to take the necessary action needed make their fantasies a reality.

So once we meet someone who is willing to move forward, to build the log home they have always wanted, we will work hard to help them, in any way we can.

After all, we know just how much sweat, hard work and focus it takes to shape a raw bit of land into a beautiful and relaxed living space.

This makes Natural Timber Log Homes different from other NC log home builders. We understand you and the challenges of building a log home.

We understand that you are building a custom home, you naturally seek ways to save money and maintain control over the project.

Most smart log home owners know they can reduce the stress and worry of building a custom home by selecting an experienced specialty log home builder like Natural Timber Log Homes.

That is why we at NTHL will do the “heavy lifting” of log home construction for you so that you can focus on enjoying your new log home without all the hassles or dealing with general contractors during your home’s erection.

Whether you are looking to build a small retreat, a luxury getaway, a simple vacation cabin or your family’s dream home, NTHL can help you with all your log home design needs.

About Richard Jenkins

By now you might be a bit curious about me.

My name is Richard Jenkins and I own and operate Natural Timber Log Homes with my son Chase.

We are a custom log home company based near Asheville NC. I have over 30 years of experience in constructing and erecting log homes in and around Western North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina.

I invite you to search Google about Natural Timber Log Homes.

You will notice that few log home builders in Asheville or Western North Carolina have the same reputation for quality construction and workmanship that Natural Timber Log Homes does.

That is because we take our reputation as honest, reliable log home professionals seriously.

We’re not ashamed to admit it – we do take an inordinate amount of pride in delivering and constructing a “better” log home – a high quality haven for your family that you can be proud of today, which will last – and hold it’s value – for many generations to come.