How energy efficient are log homes?

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A Log Home is the Original Energy Saving-House

Comfortable, efficient and healthy, with modern designs and building methods today’s Log Homes are becoming more and more popular and a safe investment with every passing year.

It is a proven fact that log homes are more energy efficiently compared to an identical wood-frame home.  A National Bureau of Standards test confirms energy conserving benefits “thermal mass effect” of log walls in residential construction.

The year-long test conducted just outside of Washington DC, proved that log homes used 2.5% to 46% less energy than a conventionally build and insulated wood homes.

What is the thermal mass effect?

Thermal mass in plain terms is the ability of building materials to absorb heat. High thermal mass walls like logs act as heat sponges – absorbing heat in summer to help cool the inside of the house while storing warmth in the winter time, slowing the lost of heat energy.

This is why log homes are so comfortable year-round and great long term investments.


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