Funding Retirement with Log Home Rental Income?

Have You Considered Investing in a Log Home as Rental Income for Your Retirement?

Imagine for just a moment…

“You are looking out your window, past your landscaper who is busily trimming around the vibrant stands of tulip poplars, oaks and maples that surround your custom log home.

Scattered amidst the mountain laurel and bristling white pines are lush patches of native North Carolina wildflowers.

The skies over the Blue Ridge mountains are a sharp, clear blue. The nearby creek sparks with sunlight as its tumbles downs from one waterfall to another – flowing from towering boulders to gentle stepping stones.

You feel a soft breeze comes drifting in from the valley below bringing the clean and refreshing smells of summer, as you sit down to breakfast on your timber frame deck overlooking the smoky slopes in the distance.

For a moment, you might think you have died and gone to heaven. Yet this mountain paradise is real… and really affordable since it virtually paid for itself.

In fact, funding your retirement with rental income from a log home is a great way to kill two birds with one stone – get a wonderful vacation getaway while earning a positive passive income stream.

You can even use your log house to pay for itself – if you plan it right.

Have Your Dreams of Retirement Turned into a Nightmare?

As we all know, for many of us, our dreams of retiring early have not worked out as well as we might have hoped. Due to the debacle with the banks, the sinking of the stock market along with the biggest downturn in the economy since the 1930s, many of us just hope to retire at 65 or 75 – never mind 55!

Let’s face facts – many Americans of our generation are smack in the middle of a retirement crisis.

Some studies claim that some older Baby Boomers might have lost as much as 25% of their retirement wealth during the so-called Great Recession.

Of course the government has lots of theories and ideas but we all know if we are going to retire well – ortire aretire when we truly want to – we are going to have to take control and do some things for ourselves.

So what can you do it?

How can you regain your momentum and recover from any disasters that may have cracked open your retirement nest egg?

We think you can still retire comfortably by investing in a custom log home as a rental property.

A custom log house is one that is built to meet your needs for a great retirement home yet it can be used to create a continuous flow of passive income for you and your family – today.

Income that can be used to pay off or pay down your current debts or help rebuild your retirement nest egg. You can even use this income to pay off your log home’s mortgage so that you will have a “debt-free retirement home”.

Yes, you can build the custom log home of your dreams today – and let it fund your retirement lifestyle of tomorrow!

Funding Retirement with Log Home Rental Income

Funding Retirement with a Log Home Rental Income

How to Create an (Almost) Unstoppable Stream of Income

The concept is simple:

  • Build a log home on your own property.
  • Build it to suit your budget and the needs of your family.
  • Stay in it when you want for vacations and weekend getaways.
  • Create a passive income stream by renting or leasing your log home out when you are not there.
  • Get a stable, passive income flow because here in Western North Carolina we have a nine month rental season.
  • This means that with our extra long rental season you have a fantastic opportunity to not only have your log home pay for itself but also for you have extra funds to save and rebuild for your future retirement.

If you are looking for a place to retire (or just getaway) that has an effortless blend of unique Southern charm with a relaxed and friendly mountain lifestyle and a strong commitment to family life and the arts then Western North Carolina is just right place for you and your family.

You will find all the amenities and cultural trapping of a colorful and fast-paced urban setting in Asheville, yet you are only a short drive away from of best family-friendly hiking, biking and outdoor recreational areas in the country.

Build a custom log home in WNC

And it is these dual settings of lush mountain coves just minutes from one of the coolest urban areas in North Carolina – (Asheville was named as one of Fodor’s top 21 places to live) that makes building a custom log home in this area a wise investment .

Turning your custom built log home into a premium rental property could be one of the one of the best things you have ever done for yourself and your family’s future retirement plans.

So What’s Next? This is where we can help you.

Natural Timber Log Homes

Practical Advice & Help on Log Homes

By now you might be a bit curious about us. Natural Timber Log Homes (NTLH) is located just outside of Asheville NC in the heart of Blue Ridge Mountains.

The NTLH team has been building log homes in Buncombe County and its neighboring communities in both Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina for over 30 years.

We don’t claim to be retirement advisers or even financial consultants but we have seen through the years, more than a few log home owners, use their property to “bootstrap” their way into financial freedom and/or pay down their debts using rental income.

Turning your custom built log home into a premium rental property could be one of the one of the best things you have ever done for  yourself and your family’s future retirement plans.

If you have got questions, feel free to call us 1-828-230-1165 or email Richard at though this handy contact form.