Log Homes and Rustic Decor

Rustic Decor Naturally Goes with Log Home Living

While many people have admired the bold beauty of hilltop log homes as they have driven along scenic country lanes or walking along the shores of vacation lakes and rivers few have thought about what’s inside these stately wooden palaces.

If you are like us, you might have even felt a soul deep attraction for look of those massive wooden logs and unhidden architectural elements – a look that says “we are direct and strong”.

Yet too often log home admirers overlook the stylish country interiors that go hand and glove with these wonderfully majestic houses’ exteriors.

This is why the book, “Rustic Elegance” by Ralph Kylloe, showcases how a superbly constructed log home and elegance living naturally go together.

Move over Daniel Boone, welcome to the grand log homes of the 21st century…”The materials might be familiar — natural stone, rough-sawn or recycled timbers, hand-wrought metals, and massive logs — but they are worked with an uncommonly high level of artisanship, and on an impressive scale.”, says a story in the Miami Herald.

The story continues…”These are the homes featured in Ralph Kylloe’s book Rustic Elegance. Kylloe has authored other books on cabins and rustic homes, but he’s aimed for something a little different with this volume.

For starters, these are mostly upscale properties — architect-designed, fitted with costly and carefully selected materials, and built by highly skilled teams.”

The key elements to the success of these deluxe log homes is the “architect-designed” plans, “carefully selected materials” and “built by highly skilled teams”.

These are the exact same elements that Natural Timber Log Homes can bring to your custom home project:

Architect-designed plans

– All of our log home designs are created by the award-winning architectural firm of Streamline Design Limited.

The designers at Streamline specializes in comfortable custom timber frame plans as well as luxury log home and post & beam designs.

As they like to say they create “Custom Homes for Custom Lifestyles.”

Carefully Selected Materials

– All of our timber (Lodge pole Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglass Fir and Cedar) are naturally dried and hand-sawn. We use as “standing-dead” trees  instead of kiln-dried for our timber.

We find that this natural curing process creates a log that is easier to work with and that lasts longer with less maintenance.

Custom Rustic Furnishings

We can create whatever you want in the way of custom log home interiors or furnishings.


Built By a Highly Skilled Team

– Our owner and founder Richard Jenkins, truly says he can’t remember just how many log homes he has constructed over his lifetime (about 50+ is our best guess) – but he is certain that over the past 20 years he has built some of the most spectacular and beautiful log homes in the area.


He and his team of expert carpenters and log home builders have built homes on sites all over Western North Carolina: Asheville, along the Nantahala River gorge, overlooking Lake James, five along the shores and slopes surrounding Lake Lure, Black Mountain and some places that never actually had any street or road names when we were there!

So if you are ready for a rustic yet custom home for that custom lifestyle, you have always wanted then we invite you to call click or call 828.230.1165 for more details.