What We Do Best


“What we do best is help you build your dream home with as little stress or hassles as possible”

Even if you have gone through the process of building your own home before…

…Designing and erecting a custom log home can still be a bit of challenge – especially for anyone who comes to the table improperly prepared.

First off, thank you for visiting Natural Timber Log Homes. We appreciate you taking the time to read through the site.

You may notice that we spend a lot of time explaining to you everything (and anything) you need to know – the positives as well as the negatives of the options available to you. This way we can help you reduce some of the stress while saving you valuable time and money!

Now this is probably significantly different than the approach you’ll find at other companies – but we hope that’s part of why we earn your business.


The Natural Timber Log Home Difference

We can help you design the best log home for you and your budget

Our experienced team can assist you in picking out the best log home design for both your budget and your lifestyle – while always keeping in mind the importance of selecting a log home plan that suits the nature flow of your property.

All of our custom log homes are built from WHOLE logs that are naturally-shaped — not milled, lathed, or profiled — and all wall logs are fully scribe-fitted (“chinkless” or “Swedish cope”).

We can help you find the best build site for your log home

Where is your log home going to be? In the mountains, along a beach front, in a meadow, in suburban or urban community? No matter where you might wish to build, we can help you find the best lot or building site for the log home you want.

We can help you properly compare the floor plan you want vs. your building considerations.  We always offer common-sense advice so you determine the best ways to include any deluxe features you might desire without going over-budget or how to add-on more space in a way that meets your needs.

We can help you understand the entire log construction process

We have had experience in all phases of log home construction from dealing with real estate agents; to working with general contractors; plumbers and electricians; even landscapers!

While we only do the specialty work (log installation), we will work closely with your licensed general contractor and subcontractors throughout the complete log home construction process.

Not to mention, we can help you successfully understand all the pre-construction tasks that must be done, that confuses and frustrates most new log home buyers.



We think that you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be working with us!

We look forward to answering any of your questions and honestly explaining how the whole log home building process works.

By taking this education first approach, we make it clear who we are and allow you to make the decision of whether we are the right company to do business with.

If you decide that we are who you want to work with, it starts with a simple conversation. Call us 1-828-230-1165 or click to >> request a free consultation.

We’ll ask you some easy questions to learn a little bit about your plans, and then we can offer you advice on the various options (and costs) of building a Natural Timber Log Home.