Buying a Log Home in Western North Carolina – How to be Safe Not Sorry

Buying a Log Home in Western North Carolina

Buying a Log Home in Western North Carolina?

Western North Carolina is becoming ‘slightly’ famous as an outdoor destination because of the nearby mountains, lakes and rivers.

Here in the Smoky Mountains we have everything from downhill skiing, horseback riding, bicycling, four-wheeling, wilderness photography, boating, to tubing and whitewater rafting,

Not to mention traditional favorites like hunting, fishing, camping, sightseeing, picnicking, hiking, and back packing.

Phew! And these are just some of the unlimited recreational activities you can do around the Blue Ridge Mountains. And Western North Carolina and the Asheville are getting to be popular with more and more people because of this.

This means that buying a log home in Western North Carolina is becoming popular as well.

Lots of people want to buy property in Western North Carolina to build new log homes but on the other side of the coin, there are plenty of people who wish to sell their log home properties as well.

The problem is that many of these  older style log homes from decades past were built using substandard materials, shoddy construction methods or were just poorly maintained.

This means that a lot of the log homes on the real estate market today may have fallen into various stages of disrepair — while sitting empty, abandoned or waiting in foreclosure.

This is a huge issue for a prospective buyer since log homes use specialty building techniques that most general contractors and home inspectors are simply not equipped to deal with or inspect properly.

So buying a log home in Western North Carolina is now becoming a very dicey business to get into – without qualified professional help.

In recent years the State of North Carolina has created stricter compliance guidelines and requirements log home contractors.

This is to make sure that people building log homes in North Carolina will not be scammed by unprofessional log home contractors and representatives.

Unfortunately these new guidelines can’t protect buyers (or sellers for that matter) when it comes to log home properties that were built years ago.

This is where Natural Timber Log Homes can help. Natural Timber Log Homes is able to assist log home buyers select the best properties that meet their lifestyles and budget requirements.

Instead of wasting hundreds of hours of doing research or wasting time searching for a home inspector who is qualified, you can hire Natural Timber Log Homes to help you uncover the true condition of almost any log home property.

How Does Natural Timber Log Homes Help?

First, an initial meeting between you, the buyer and our Natural Timber Log Homes contractor needs to take place. This is needed so that our log home contractor can understand your requirements including your overall budget.

Once this face-to-face meeting is done, our log home contractor visits the property. A detailed inspection may be necessary to make certain that the property is conducive to healthy living and perfectly suited to meet the requirement of the buyer.

Second, our log home contractor will provide a report of his work that may assist the buyer in the negotiating phrase of the purchase. If there is big gap between the asking price of the seller and your offer to buy, this report could help you negotiate for a better or more reasonable price.

Once the deal is closed, our log home contractor can also help the buyer in making any needed repairs or restoration before moving to his or her new residence.

Not Just for Buyers – We Help Log Home Sellers Too!

A Natural Timber Log Homes contractor can also assist those who want to sell their log home properties by helping them to fix any unsightly damage due to poor maintenance or do needed structural repair work BEFORE they list the property.

This ensures that the seller can get top market value as well make sure that prospective buyers make serious offers on their property.

For other information on how a Natural Timber Log Homes contractor can help with the buying or selling of a log home property, we invite you to call or contact Richard.